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We are a global community based on open-source principles focusing on accelerating science using digital innovation.

We are a community base on the principles of open innovation and open source with the mission to reinvent science, by solving important problems with the latest tools and technologies.

The current research environment is fragmented, lacks automation, and does not utilize the vast amount of available data.
The research processes, tools, and methodologies have to be modernized and approached with technology-savvy expertise. Our motivation is to innovate and modernize science and research using the latest technologies and organizational principles, which have accelerated in recent years and are already being successfully applied across other industries and areas.

We are open source. Visit us on GitHub.

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What are we currently working on
COBALT Initiative
Standards and Tools
Working on a standard for journaling and a digital platform to streamline and the process and increase efficiency.

Open Lama
Lama is a digital platform that enables planning, monitoring, and management of Covid-19 mass testing in Baselland, Switzerland.
Automated Literature Research
Data Science & Artificial Intelligence
Literature research can be very time consuming. We want to use machine learning and data science to speed it up.
To make a difference and make a real change, we have to join forces and gather all support available.
Let's get creative with the most important issues in research.
Collaboration and Connectivity
Become the most connected research group with suitable technology infrastructure. Keep track of the experiment's progress and upload updates on-the-go.
Lab automation & Robotics
Collect, label, merge, store, and process laboratory data at all your scientific experiment stages. Exclude lab errors from the testing phase.
Utilization of digital applications and approaches to related bodies at every research process stage with freedom of multiple usages.
Standards and Tools
Practical and up-to-date research documentation is crucial for advancing knowledge and sharing across the scientific communities.
Data Science & AI
Deep learning algorithms from equipment and experiments toward data distribution to help you find real-time insights and patterns.
Discover unclear and powerless operations from the earliest phase possible and implement sufficient replacements.
Join our community, share your ideas and thoughts!
News and Insights
May 6th, 2021

Learn more about future of information infrastructure in education and science.
Meet Prof. Dr. Christian Kronseder
We are thrilled to collaborate with science accelerator from FHNW.
Join us in Slack
Meet the global community of contributors and maintainers in our channel.
COBALT overview from Ph.D. Researcher

Meet Natasa Lazarevic and her opinion on COBALT as a modern tool for research.

We aim to provide solutions that deliver true value and are here to stay!
Our Open Innovation approach to solving problems and create lasting solutions
Identify problems and solution ideas
In Hackathons or virtual meetups, the community identifies problems and comes up with solution ideas.
Ideating, creating and testing Minimum Viable Products
Select the most promising problem solution and, together with a group, ideate, design, build and test possible MVPs to identify truly valuable products.
Organizing support and moving to a final solution
Select the most promising MVPs, find partners and supporters to establish a digital solution.
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